Scratch resistant clear vinyl


Strataglass™ is the clear-choice alternative solution to vinyl and the preferred choice in applications where clarity is a necessity!

Scratch Resistant Coating

Prevents fine line scratches from washing, drying, rolling up and down and abrasion from roll-up straps. Regular vinyl can be scratched by a simple paper towel.


We have made our name on the near-perfect visual clarity looking through Strataglass. Regular vinyls have blue or gray haziness to them which is instantly visible when comparing Strataglass to the regular vinyls being offered on the market.

Resistance to Fallout, Runoff and Overspray

You may have noticed gray streaks in your vinyl curtains in the past, consistent with the brass grommets on your Bimini top or runoff points of your top. The coating on Strataglass blocks these elements from etching into the surface of the vinyl. This is true of most trace elements, even overspray can be carefully cleaned off using lacquer thinner. Regular vinyls absorb runoff elements and would be destroyed using lacquer thinner to remove overspray.


Because you will see clearer, longer, you will find you don't need to replace the curtains as often. The question often asked is "How long will Strataglass last?" Our only answer is that the original boats installed with Strataglass still looked great after 10 years in the brutal Florida sun.

Environmentally Advantageous

The protective coating on Strataglass is uniquely resistant to today's harsh environment. Industrial fallout - power, steel, chemical, paper, plants, jet exhaust and acid rain - are realities anywhere on our waterfront. Strataglass coating prevents these elements from leaching into the vinyl. The results of leaching can be spotting, hazing, "orange" corners, and gray lines in the vinyl, to name a few. Strataglass resists these elements to give you a cleaner, longer life expectancy for your vinyl.